Bad Gas Still Exists

Recently truck was rough starting in morning. I’m already thinking about dropping tank to do fuel pump because it seems like its losing its prime. Then I remember that all of this started to happen after filling up. I let tank get down to 3/4, added a bottle of dry gas, then filled up somewhere else. Problem gone ever since. The first fillup was from major Top Tier petroleum company. I guess everyone can get a bad batch, or their tanks are in bad shape. Something was sure off. Hadnt ever had it this bad before. Knocking once or twice after a fillup somewhere, but never harder cold starts.

The nature of gasoline these days really makes me wonder if I am remembering things correctly when I was young and your Dad or Grandfather could keep a gallon of the stuff around for what surely seemed like forever…and then they’d just pour it in another machine and it would start right up, still smell like gasoline and not varnish…etc.

Am I imagining these things? I don’t think I am…because I can recall doing the same thing with fuel when I was old enough to handle it without supervision (maybe 9 or 10yrs old?)

Bad gas is a real thing these days and it doesn’t seem to take more than a few unkind words in it’s general vicinity to make it spoil right up on you. I dislike gasoline anymore but it seems to love me…it shows up wherever I happen to be with more and more frequency.

I recently had an epiphany regarding Diesel fuel… I used to not like it… now I’m not so sure…talk about stable… I also wondered if I could use all this spoiled gasoline (varnish) I come across in a basic low tech diesel engine. I wonder…

It would not as gas doe’s not ignite from compression. Don’t let your mind wander ti is to young to be out by itself. Happy birthday how doe’s it feel to be legal voting age?

Any fuel will ignite under compression … even cotton… the problem with fresh gasoline is that it is too volatile and tries to pre det in a diesel situation… but stale it may act more like a fuel oil

Only one way to find out expearmet like the mad sinesest that you may be kin to.

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My missing eyebrow would agree with you wholeheartedly @Renegade… wherever it is.

I’ve experienced problems with gas when I filled up while a tablet was filling the stations tanks. Was told that the new fuel being added to the tank stirred up all the water and crud, and made it to my tank. Now I never fill when there’s a tablet at the gas station.

TABLET, Typo or a new meaning to the word ?

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Tanker :smirk:. Typo

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