93 Toyota Camry HELP! ASAP!


my car is randomly starting to shake! when i started the car and picked up on the gas, it started to shake…the steering wheel and it was difficult to pick up on the gas. when i was with the flow of traffic, however, it drove fine. BUT when i stopped at the stop light and started to drive again, the same thing happened. i drove my car from out of town…5 hours away. i need to know what it wrong and how i can fix it ASAP!!! THANK YOU!


I’m having difficulty understanding the post, but it sounds like the engine is shaking when you apply gas and running relatively smooth at constant moderate speeds. this could be caused by anything from plug wires to a fuel pump, but generally it indicates a need fora good thorough tuneup (including the plug wires).


I’m thinking that it might not be downshifting to low when you stop and when you accelerate again from a stop, the car is struggling in high gear, maybe even overdrive. Try manually shifting to low or 1 and then back to Drive.


How you refrased what i said is exactly right. I even pushed on the gas peddle as hard as i could and it seemed like it took forever for the car to pick up in speed. but when i got it to the speed of traffic it was fine. how much do tuneups costs? i leave on sunday morning to go back home and im afraid that my car will break down in the middle of nowhere. i think i should get this looked at asap. thank you for your comment. :slight_smile: