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My 2001 mercury mountaineer turns fine left but not right any clues?

Steering wheel turns left fine but when you try to turn it right it acts as if the power steering is out. when you speed up it is a lot easier to turn it right though. My car is a 2001 mercury mountaineer

From afar, my best guess is that the steering rack may be binding-up, but you really need to have a mechanic examine the vehicle a.s.a.p., as this situation is a safety hazard–no matter what the cause of the steering problem might be.

Agreed. Until it’s diagnosed, assume it’s serious. You could have a ball joint or a tie rod end ready to come apart. That could be deadly.

More than likely the problem is with the power steering Rack & Pinion assembly.

The R&P assembly has a spool valve that directs the hydraulic pressure that the power steering pump provides to a piston in the R&P assembly. And that spool valve is controlled by turning the steering wheel.

If the seals on the spool valve are worn, it can cause the steering to work fine in one direction, but not in the other because the seals are leaking.

But if you step on the gas so the power steering pump builds more pressure, it overcomes the leaking seals.