My alreao 1999 just can't get enough of steering fluid?

My car keeps leaking steering fluid. I fill it up with 2-3 full bottles of steering fluid a day. Otherwise it becomes difficult to steer and it gets stuck. Also the indicators are not working on the car. I don’t know what to do!

That’s why we have mechanicis who will diagnose wheter you just have a leaking hose, leaking seals or a worn out power steering rack.

Take it to a good mechanic (not a muffler or tire shop or jiffy lube) and he’ll quicklly tell you what the problem is and what the fix will be. Do this very soon or you’ll end up with an even more expensive fix or an accident.

Budget a minimum of $100 and a maximum of about $600 if the rack or pump is faulty.

That’s a lot of fluid for 5 years, let alone a day. My guess is something’s not right.