Power Steering Leak - 2000 Chrysler 300M

My car was recently side swiped and had body work and an alignment as repair. About a week or so later, I started hearing a whining in the front end that was aggrevated when I turned the steering wheel. I looked in the power steering reservoir and found that it was very low. I filled with fluid and the sound stopped but the fluid leak away fairly quickly (one day). What is the possibility that a power steering problem was caused in the process of repair from the accident?

As Likely As Being Damaged In The Accident. It Depends On Where It’s Leaking And Why And How The Car Hit/Was Hit.

It could be a coincidence.

Was a wheel/tire damaged?

You need a second opinion from a competent mechanic. We can’t tell from here. Should it be related to collision or repaair then go back to the insurance company or the shop, whichever is resposible.


Just got the estimate from a mechanic. $1500 for a new rack; leaking at the rack. Ouch! He said it is not associated with the accident or repair. I may be shopping for a car tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback.

You went to the wrong mechanic. A re-manufactured rack and pinion steering unit cost about $300. http://www.autozone.com/autozone/catalog/parts/partsShelf.jsp?categoryDisplayName=Suspension+%26+Steering&fromType=parts&fromString=search&parentId=cat30059&currentPage=1&filterByKeyWord=steering+rack&isSearchByPartNumber=false&navValue=14600163&categoryNValue=14699999&fromWhere=&itemId=prod61681&displayName=Rack+%26+Pinion&searchText=steering+rack

A rebuilt rack should be a lot less than that; if yu want to keep the car, I would shop around for a better price.