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My acura

I have a 2003 tl , it runs great except for an occasional tug between gears, mostly second to third, anyone else have this problem and if so is it necessary to go to a transmission place to look at it or should I just turn the radio up?

You know that automatic transmission fluid and filter change you were going to put off until you needed it? Well, this is it.

Actually, these transmissions don’t have a user serviceable filter, the fluid is all you can change/maintain. It’s easy to do a fluid change: open the trans drain plug and ~3 of the 7.2 qts will drop out. Refill via the fill plug on top or the dipstick hole. Use Honda ATF-Z1 (or Amsoil ATF if you want synthetic).

Btw, what do you mean by an “occasional tug between gears”?

occasional tug between gears

should I just turn the radio up?

If I put those two together it would seem that it may be grinding between gears and that you may have a manual  transmission.  Is that true?  If so Hello and 65 were mislead by a lack of information.  I my guess is right, you may need to have the clutch checked out as well as the linkage and syncro hubs.

Actually, '99-'03 TL was only available with an auto.