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My 98 Civic EX

This has been a great car, until it developed this weird thing. It will occasionally stall while being driven. no warning, the motor just dies. It is a manual trans. and sometimes will restart if I downshift. I have become adept at slamming on the hazard lights and pulling over. HELP !!!

A couple of things can cause this.

A crankshaft position sensor or an ignition module being effected by heat where it fails.

I check for these by starting the engine, and while the engine is idling I take a heat gun and point it these components. If the engine suddenly stalls I’ve found the cause.


Fuel filter comes to mind for me. Of course there are many options, the best way to analyze them is while in failure mode. See if you can figure out any pattern, so it can be replicated by a shop

There’s another thread above with this same model & year of car and same problem but different OP. If not the same car, OP should look at that thread too.

Maybe even this thread.

A bad distributor and rotor can cause this. All my pre coil Hondas would stall out if that went bad.