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89 Honda Civic-Random stalling

1.5L with automatic and 90K miles. In December going 60 mph on the highway at steady speed the car stalled, would not restart, towed home, tried new fuel pump relay, made no difference, put old relay in and it started, ran great for 6 months and now after filling up the tank, I hit a bump and went around a corner and it stalled again, same scenario, towed home and it started the next day. Been running fine since. Any thoughts? Ground on fuel pump/ bad gas? another relay in the fuel pump circuit?

Ignition switch problems can do this. Honda has been known to have these.

Could be ground, could be ignition switch, could be fuel pump wiring, and it could be injectors if your car is DPFI and not MPFI. Easy to tell, even if the stickers have worn off with age. Open the hood and look at the back side of the engine. You’ll see a large rubber tube going from a box on the left to the back middle of the engine. If the tube goes into a long tubular silver piece, you have MPFI. If instead it goes into a round black piece that looks kind of like a cast iron pan with a lid, you have DPFI, which means that a single injector failure impacts all cylinders and can cause the problem you’re having.

I’m with shadowfax on this one.

I take that as a high compliment, coming from you sir.