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Engine Stalls

Why does my 1998 honda civic engine stall occasionally, then restart after a few minutes? very frustrated, I have replace the distributor.

Is all of the car’s maintenance up to date?
Do you know whether you have a fuel supply problem or a spark problem?

If you don’t know when the fuel filter was last replaced, it is probably time to do that.
It is just possible that a new fuel filter will resolve this issue.

It stalls because something is not working right.

(I figure that answer matches the question for its level of info and specificity.)

Check To see if the ignition switch inst bad and melted /burned, my daughters 1998 Honda accord is doing this (loosing all power for a split second then comes on but actually died once till she pulled over on the shoulder and restarted it. I am separated geography from her and just found this out so i haven’t had time to get her car to our mechanic in Fl to verify this so fill me in if this helps (