My '94 Jaguar XJS cv just quit when I was at a stop light -

my ‘94 Jaguar XJS cv just quit when I was at a stop light - as if it was out of gas but it had a full tank - had to get AAA to tow it to the shop - what happened do you think happened? My JD stands for "just dumb’ when it comes to mechanics - I need help to know whether what I’m told is real problem!

It’s hard to tell from here. It could be the fuel delivery system or it could be electrical. The cheapest thing is the fuel filter. You could try replacing it and see if it starts. Whatever the shop tells you, ask for details in more than one way. You don’t have to know exactly what they are telling you to spot a trumped up story. Use your JD training to ferret out a fake story. Let us know what you find out.

Keeping in mind that I know nothing, I don’t think its electrical since the ignition still worked, the starter motor worked (it just didn’t keep running), the cd player worked and all the idiot lights went on, but what do I know.
Does this car have a fuel pump, whatever that is, and could it be that?
Thanks for your help.

All cars have fuel pumps, and yes, it could be that.

Probably nine times out of ten when a car just quits, like yours, it is an electrical issue. It doesn’t matter that the lights and dash light up, although that and the fact that the starter cranks tells us that the battery is OK. If the engine sputters and dies or runs poorly it is more likely to be something like a fuel filter or failing pump.

Yes your car has a fuel pump. It is an ELECTRIC fuel pump located inside the fuel tank. The pump itself is unlikely to be the problem as a limping pump may make the car run, but very poorly. It is more likely to be a fuse or relay that makes the fuel pump turn on and pump.

It is a good idea to be somewhat educated about what MIGHT be wrong with your Jag, but don’t go to the mechanic and say “It’s the fuel pump relay because some guy on the internet said so”. Let the mechanic do his job.

Your post doesn’t give us a clue why your car stopped running,so why would you accept our guesses of possibly 30 or more causes over a mechanic who actually can examine the car?

The biggest problem with jaguar is electrical try checking your relays they have a tendancy to corroid. I have a 94 XJ6 and had several relay issues. Buying a shop manual helps. These dirty relay connections can mimmick severe problems,such as cranking and not starting, transmission light on and not shifting. In General relays run alot of components. Have someone turn the key on and listen by the gas tank so you can hear the fuel pump it should make a humming noise for about 3 seconds if no noise check your fuel pump relay good luck.

Your Jaguar is full of a couple dozen electrical relays the kind of which have given Jaguar its richly deserved reputation for poor reliability.

Your Jaguar has at least one electrically operated fuel pump (my XJ12 has two). For just the low speed fuel pump to operate no fewer than three of the aforementioned poor quality electrical relays have to function correctly. These relays are cube shaped and about an inch or so long on each side. They’re mounted under the bonnet on the firewall on the right side of the car and in the boot.

There are certainly more relays, all over the car. Use the following link to Captain Jaguar’s Cathouse to download an excellent electrical manual for your car. These manuals provide truly excellent circuit diagrams as well as even telling you exactly where the components in question are.

The Captain’s place is a really good reference for any Jaguar owner.