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My POS 93 Jaguar XJ6

I received the car in trade, it had been sitting in a clamate controled garage fo about 10 years. I removed the fuel tank, flushed all the lines, had the injectors sonic cleaned, replaced the fuel pump had the tank cleaned, repaced the fuel filter, and filled up with Premium as required. I drove for about 80 miles ran fine. It suddenly started acting like it is niot getting enough fuel. Had it towed home. Next day started right up and drove fine for about 2 miles, and started the same thing. Shut it off and immediatley started it up it would run fine for about 30 seconds, repeat until I got back home. Any ideas??? Dick.

Test the fuel pressure.

What about the ignition system? How do you know the problem is fuel related? With a car that sat for 10 years, especially a Jag, anything is possible.

What does “acting like it is niot getting enough fuel” mean?

Google “Captain Jaguars Cathouse”. It’s an excellent resource.

By the way, there no easy way to check fuel pressure on a Jaguar; there’s no pressure check port. You have to get a tool with a test port and connect it in the fuel line, then connect a fuel pressure gauge to it.

The fuel pump relay is in the boot (trunk). Check it for power out (12 volts) when the engine is running. If the relay ceases 12 volt power output to the fuel pump, the relay may be at fault; or, the fuel pump relay energizing signal may be cutting off.
You may get something from this site:

Actually, there are usually several relays that need to work correctly for the fuel pump to work.

I have a '94 XJ12, and it had a bad relay that kept the fuel pump from energizing. It was the middle one of the 3 in series that drive the pump.

The relay in the trunk drives the fuel pump, the ones under the hood feed that relay.

Maybe you are not getting air into the fuel tank fast enough.