My 89 Honda CRX turns over beautifully but won't STAY started


It “revs” only when ignition is in start position. Anyone have any clue what might be the matter? Also… is there some way I can get it started just long enough to drive to the repair place around the corner? TIA for any advice or comments.


That is likely a switch or wire problem. I believe you Honda has a arrangement that powers the ignition two ways. One when in the start position increases the spark and it goes back to “normal” when it is in run position. The switch or that wire to the run position could be the problem

I would add that if the plugs and or wires are marginal, they could also be the problem.  If you have not changed them for a wile, now might be a good idea.


I had a 91 crx si that had that problem you describe. It turned out to be a bad ignition module. In that particular model they had so many complaints that the factory issued a service bulletin to replace it free of charge.


Could also be a faulty ignition switch. This is easily checked with a test light.


In my opinion it’s a bad ignition switch. I’ve replaced a couple of these in Honda’s of approximately your vintage.