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Car won't start

My car was sitting outside and wasnt started for about 4 months. It has a brand new battery so when I went to start it, it started right up first crank, ran smooth for 10 seconds then you hear the sound of a ton of water being bubbled and pushed out the exhaust, then the car studders and turned off. There was a big puddle of water near the exhaust. I tried starting the car the day after a few times and all it does is crank but will not start, battery is 100% and its cranks with no problem but will not start at all, it’s like dead, the check engine light went on after trying to crank it today too. I’m lost. I figured there was too much water pressure in the exhaust but nope won’t start now, the battery is good, electronics are good, has fresh gas, not sure about the lines but like I said it started right up yesterday. I’m lost any advice?

Btw I have a 1989 Honda crx hf and just about every part has been replaced I’ve put over $6000 into restoring it

Having a lot of water in the exhaust is very odd, you should not have “too much water pressure in the exhaust”. The only water coming out should be the by products of combustion, which will not bubble and only leave a very small drip.

Try pulling the plugs and crank and see if you are getting water out of the plug holes. If you are, you have a bad coolant leak, you could have hydrloocked, damaging your engine. While the plugs are out check for spark.

Can you get your hands on a code reader to see what the CEL code is? If you get that post it here.

Your vehicle is OBDI, so a code reader will be of no use.

Here’s how to pull the codes for your OBDI Honda.


No coolant is in the engine I did not blow a head gasket the oil isn’t milky and there’s no water in the cylinders, has great spark and compression, might be bad gas? Wouldn’t make sense since it was good a few months ago


What do you consider “great spark” . . . great spark in my book is an extremely bright blue spark using the spark tester. Anything less is not okay

What about compression . . . post the numbers please. wet and dry

Do you have correct fuel pressure . . . do you have have the capability to tee in and hook up a gauge?

Will the engine briefly run on ether?

Important question . . . what condition is your timing belt in? Properly timed?

Is the engine cranking over at normal speed?

Or real slow?

Or super fast?

Can you bar the engine over by hand, using a socket and 1/2" breaker bar? If you can’t easily do that, you might have some serious mechanical problems

My car won’t start and it clicks the lights and the radio works but we boosted it last night and this morning it wouldn’t crank again and it was blowing out white smoke. We just recently got the radiator fixed on it but it still won’t crank.

Sounds like your battery is going dead. Have it checked for free at Advance Auto Parts or Autozone, or some other auto supply store.