My 5speed Pontiac wave revs so high and I'm only going 25 miles per hour

My 2007 5speed wave revs so high when I accelerate . It revs up to 3 when I’m going 25. What could be wrong with it? Help

If you’re in 1st gear that’s normal. If you’re in any other gear your clutch is probably shot.

Revs in any gear, the faster I go the higher it goes.

sounds like clutch is slipping. How many miles on it?

Little over 200,000

I have a 5speed with a clutch

You no longer have clutch.

It is worn out, especially if its never been changed before. Prepare yourself for a rather big bill. $1500 or so, depending on where you live. The clutch itself is not so expensive, but there is a lot of work to remove it.


I should add that getting 200,000 miles out of an original clutch is excellent. If you’re the original owner, you’ve done well. But time caught up with you.


And when doing a clutch job your car will likely need to have the flywheel surfaced or replaced because of burn marks from the slipping clutch.


Great just flipping great! I have to go on the hwy which is 110km here so
am I safe to do so? Maybe try and take the back roads?

Don’t take any roads where your speed can’t keep up with traffic. Wear warm clothes and take your cell phone and a credit card. You might get there OK, but be prepared for the worst case. Best wishes!

You don’t say how far you have to go to a repair shop but you should consider having it towed so that you are not stranded somewhere or stalling in front of someone. Seriously you should have had some warning symptoms that the clutch was failing before it got to this point.

In other words, be prepared for the possibility that the clutch slippage will become so severe that you wind stranded up on the side of the road, or–the truly worst case scenario–that you won’t be able to get out of the way of a dangerous situation while you are in traffic.

If possible, I strongly suggest that you have the car towed to your mechanic’s shop.

When a clutch slips that bad there will be a point where it gives up completely. At this point the car needs to go to a shop for repair.

No way would I consider a 110 KM drive with a car in that condition unless you’re knowledgeable about the pros and cons of hitchhiking.

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I think the OP means a 110 KM speed limit and apparently the Pontiac Wave is a Canadian Aveo . Canada has really cold weather and large bears so driving this thing anywhere is foolish.

110km is how fast the speed is on our way, I only have a 20 min drive to
where I need to go that is when cars tip-top

Oh VOLVO_V70 lmao not all of Canada is cold with igloos and dog sleds. I
live an hr east of Vancouver and the thing we get is rain not as much as
Seattle tho , very mild in my neck of the woods.

110km translates to 68 mph, which means that there will be a lot of drivers who are driving 75-80 mph (120-130 kph). If the OP thinks that it would be at all safe to drive her small car at 25 mph, in the midst of traffic that is moving at 3 times the speed of her car, then I guess that I just don’t know what else to say other than…
get it towed.

An hour east of Vancouver puts you around Chilliwack, so you’re talking about highway 1. There’s no way I’d take a car with a clutch that slips that badly on that highway. Drivers through there routinely do 130, they should never have raised the speed limit a few years back. If you can’t get to your mechanic without taking that road some of the way then I agree with the others - call a tow truck.

Distance or speed, there’s no way I would do it with a clutch this bad.

It’s also at least possible for a clutch to get hot and grenade itself. That could lead to transmission damage and so on.

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