I need help with a 95 saturn


I have a 95 saturn sc2. suddenly it started doing this strange thing where when driving the RPMs would go REALLY high, and the car would only go about 25 to 40 mph. i have since quit driving it and i am terrified to take it in to the shop and be taken advantage of (i am a young female college student). i recently had the clutch changed and i am worried that this is my transmission, i would just like someone to give me some advice, if maybe it could be something a little less expensive and a little simpler than that. If anyone can tell me anything that would be great!!! PLEASE!!


The problem you describe is that of a worn out clutch. You say you recently had your clutch replaced? Sigh. Right away I’m suspicious. Were you told you were getting a new clutch? It’s possible the shop put in a well-used clutch from a junker and charged you for a new one. If so, that’s grounds for fraud, larceny.

You’re really in over your head on this one. Get an assertive friend to go to the shop with you and demand they make good. If you don’t get anywhere, consult legal aid.


It’s also possible that an adjustment was not properly secured and the fork from the slave cylinder isn’t allowing the pressure plate to fully engage the clutchplate when the pedal is released…or something like that.

Either way, the shop needs to make good on the work and I agree with Steve’s suggestion.


The clutch was changed about a year ago, which i think for something like that is pretty recently, i dont really know though. the last time the clutch went out though i couldnt even shift into gears, now it shifts smoothly, it just feels like something isnt catching right and that not enough power is getting to where it needs to be.