Jetta Trouble

Our manual transmission 2000 Jetta’s acceleration has begun acting weird. You raise the clutch and give it some gas, but the engine revs and there is a delay before it “catches” and begins to propel the car. What’s going on?

slipping clutch? If you’re driving along in 5th, say doing 45 or so, and you mash your foot to the floor, does the motor speed increase a lot more than your forward momentum? You would know when you relaxed your foot, and the engine speed came back down and the car kept accelerating. If you’ve had this since new, then you should know what the sounds used to be like (if you don’t have a tach).

How many miles have your racked up, and is this the original clutch?

Yes to the first question, it’s got just over 100k and its the original clutch…