My 46RE Transmission won't Shift out of First Gear

So Awhile Back like 3-4 years ago, my Transmission started to not properly shift into gears and then overtime i was unable to use my Overdrive and then ultimately stopped shifting out of First Gear and Remained in shop since then and hasnt been worked on til this week. Could this be the work of a Bad Shift Solenoid? And How Easy Is It to Replace it?

I am not a transmission guy. I am wondering why you did not ask this question 3-4 year ago.


Well , it is in the shop so you will know what was wrong when they are done . And you can ask them how difficult it was . But why do you care ?

Needs a trans flush

My Shop. Its just been sitting there.

Cuz i didnt have the time to fix it

That’s too bad. You likely caused more damage to your transmission (and your wallet) by ignoring the issue.

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fix not ask
But wym by that?

If he asked 4 years ago, would you or oldtimer have answered the question?

Full disclosure: I have very little auto trans fixing experience, and no experience at all with your particular trans. But I’ll still give my opinion, guess if you will. Symptom doesn’t sound as simple as a single faulty transmission solenoid. My guess, valve body seals are leaking and trans pump is not able to build up the needed fluid pressure to effect reliable shifts. If I had that problem I’d ask a well-recommended inde trans shop if it would make sense to measure the internal trans fluid pressure as a first step. I’m guessing the bottom line is that the trans will need to be rebuilt. That will replace all the leaking seals.

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Sounds like a problem with the governor, there were problems with the governor pressure sensor. You need a scan tool that can access data in the TCM.

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Can’t tell if this is an old conversation or not, but our olds went into limp mode and second gear only. A shift solenoid pack was the problem for about $350 back then. I also had a 4th gear solenoid that went out due to a dumb mechanic. The trans shop said they hardly ever go out.

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No, I said at the startm I am not a transmission guy, I have changet transmissions, adjusted bands e\nd drilled a torque converter to put in a drain plug when Chrysler first deleted the plug but after that they deleted the access plate. I as just wondering why anyone would delay so long to do something about a problem, but I never had much room to keep an undrivable vehicle.

Its not. It was a short summed-up story to how and when it started. And im seeing them go for atleast $120 on Ebay

I just finished Replacing my Shift Solenoid and i still have the same issue. Reverse is back to normal tho and its wanting to change into the Next gear from 1st gear but something is preventing it to do so. Could it be the Overdrive?

Well that’s not it unless the parts are bad. Why not just have a trans shop diagnose it?

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