1995 Toyota Camry

the transmission to my 95 Camry will not shift after 40 mph. i’m having several repair shops provide me estimates. One shop, though, said it could be the selenoid, but instead of recommending just replacing the selenoid, the mechanic said that this was not a reliable repair & recommended rebuilding the transmission instead. Question: is replacing the selenoid a sound repair?

thank you

Could you be a little more specific? How many miles on this transmission? Is the transmission refusing to go into 3rd or 4th gear? Is there any slippage involved? Is the OD light constantly on i.e. whether button is pushed in or not or flashing? Have any Diagnostic Trouble Codes been retrieved? Could you provide a history of the transmission maintenence i.e. fluid changes, filter changes, flushes, other repairs. Has a transmission technician determined that the Power Control Module is commanding the shift but that is not happening?

The solenoid change would be a lot less expensive than a transmission rebuild. At the same time the pan could be examined for debris, new filter installed, filled with new fluid, and a test drive done. But, it would be wasted money if the true problem is internal to the transmission.

Actually this is a used transmission. The original transmission was replaced probably 3-4 years ago (not rebuilt, but a used transmission). Probably gotten around 80,000 miles on this transmission. I’m not sure of the gears, but I think it is not shifting to the 4th gear. No slippage that I can feel & there are no dashboard lights on as indicators. haven’t had any maintenance done with this transmission. I’ve only had a phone conversation with a technician as far as problems. I haven’t dropped it off for a full analysis yet, so maybe I started this discussion a little prematurely, but any suggestions of what should be checked (i.e. Power Control Module) is much appreciated.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that 4th gear on that car is overdrive. Do you have a seperate OD button on the shifter? Have you checked to see that it’s engaged?

Short of that possibility, let the tech do his diagnosis. For us to be prematurely secnd guessing him would be imprudent.

I’m curious, if nobody has yet looked at the car what are they providing estmates against?