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My 2009 V50 Volvo says shhhh after I start the car and drive off

I have had to return my V50 twice for ABS associated problems. The first time to change a speed sensor then to replace the passenger side front hub. Now the car is making a soft shhhhhh sound for a split second whenever I drive off. According to the car manual on page 8, the car tests the ABS system "when the car first reaches the speed of 12 mph… The brake pedal will pulsate several times and a sound may be audible from the ABS control module. This is normal."or so the manual says. My pedal has never pulsated except when I was having problems with the ABS system. In Honolulu, there is only 1 Volvo dealer and according to them the shhhh sound is normal. The repair tech went so far as to take me for a drive in a new 2011 V50, which did make the same sound. I am concerned only because I feel the braking system is important to me and the history of ABS issues. Volvo Customer service deferred to the dealers’ service center. Should I take it in because the brake is not pulsating. Any good info would put my mind at ease.

As long as the ABS light isn’t coming on, the system is working normally.


Your car is fine.