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Car shakes

My 2003 Suburban shakes when I drive over 70 mph. I don’t know if the tires need realignment?

Yes. Get the rims balanced. No big deal.

It may be as simple as a balance weight has been lost, or as serious as worn suspension parts creating a dangerous situation. If you have not had a front end alignment in many years, you should at least consider having that done just as a safety precaution. If your tires are wearing unevenly or are showing a cupping effect (rub your hand over the tread and if it seems wavy - that’s cupping), you are at least due for an alignment, if not some parts replaced. Balance issues will cause cupping, fwiw.

If you have a front end specialty shop nearby, you’ll be wise to start there so they can at least do a safety check on your Suburban. If they find everything is ok and wheel balance is all you need, then you have piece of mind and an easy solution.

Or you can just get the front wheels balanced and see if that helps.

If it were mine and it was shaking, I would start by having the front end checked for problems with ball joints and other front end parts. This could be a safety issue, which is often hard to detect from the driver’s seat. If you drive at freeway speeds, you really don’t want a ball joint breaking. On a ten year old vehicle, you should expect the possibility that some parts are reaching replacement time. Avoid Pep Boys and other national chain stores for that. Most independent repair shops can check these things if there’s no front end specialist close by.

Thank you for your kind advise. I will go right after the weekend is over to the mechanic to check it out and hope for the best.

I would get a road force wheel balance if available. They balance the wheel right on the vehicle.