My 2005 town and country shut itself off!

Hi guys love the show, I have a really strange problem for you I hope you can come up with something for me, I’ve had several quirky things with my 2005 town and country, first air bag light going off and on and then it stopped, abs light going on and off then that stopped, engine light going on and off then that stopped, and then last night while the van was running and in park as it was being fueled it just shut off!! just as if I turned the key off, you are my only hope because dealers can’t seem to figure this out, thanj you.

Have you had your battery and charging system checked lately?

Oh, and fueling with the engine running is not a good idea. In addition to the car’s ECU thinking there’s a fault with the EVAP system, it’s also dangerous, and illegal in many states.

Check for an intermittent power connection to those areas mentioned. There may be a common power connection point. The ignition switch is a possibility also.

I always fuel the van with it running, why would it suddenly shut off like this? wouldnt the EVAP system have reacted this way every time?