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Rough idle on my 2002 town and country

i have a 2002 town and country and it seems like in the summer temps of florida make the van skip, feels like a miss in the motor. we had the compression checked it was fine. the van can run for hours and all of the sudden at the next red light it starts again, about 30 sec. then idles fine then skips again, only at idle. driving down the road it runs great. what advice do you have. cb

How are your ignition components? Spark plugs? Wires? Coil pack? (Coil pack can be tested). The first thing I would suspect is “heat soak” of one or more of those components interfering with regular spark.

If anything else is not up to date (e.g. fuel filter, air filter) it should also get attention.

The compression was checked - what about the fuel pressure?

Thank you, spark plugs all changed, the filters all good, but you brought up a good one that i don’t think was checked and that is the fuel pressure. I use to be a sales manager of a pontiac dealer and we use to get a problem with the big v-8’s, the techs called it vapor lock. i’ll try the fuel pressure and see what happens. cb

Make sure it is checked after the car is good and hot, and make sure that it is checked with some load on it - a great way is to rig a pressure gauge while it is driven (with an assistant to watch the gauge) or at least give it a good long rev.