94 Dodge Ram Van B250 Just Shuts Down

When I am idling my van just shuts down. Recently it has started doing it while I am driving also. I’ve replaced the ENTIRE electrical system. What should I check next? Everyone is baffled by this problem maybe somenone else can tell me so I can stop spending so much money.

hello. did you change the pick up coil in the distributor? mine did the same thing and that was the problem

I Changed everything. I just recently found out what the problem was after having over $1200 worth of stuff replaced. Since my posting I found out it was a very simple $2 problem (literally). The pigtails going to my Auto Shut Down Relay were corroded, and I had a short in my ignition coil wire because some nutcase put a continuity tester on it and punctured the wire to test it. went to junk yard, problem solved for $2.

Thanks for reply.

Thanks for bring us that, Morris. More people can look at the pigtails (the ends of the wires) where they connect to the ASD (Automatic Shut Down) Relay when they have a problem with their CHRYSLER product. This may be why the suspect ASD Relay’s replacement hasn’t often worked to stop intermittent engine stalls (sometimes, it has).