My 1998 Volvo V70 - catalytic converter, o2 sensor, and stalling out

I’m a college student and just moved down to Baltimore for the summer from New England. As soon as I pulled into Charm City my check engine went on. I took it to auto zone and The diagnosis says that it is the oxeygen sensor. The next day my catalytic converter drops out of my car. I have taken it to my mechanic and they replaced the catalytic converter but the check engine light is still on. I took it in again, the same diagnosis, and my mechanic was convinced that it was the wiring, which he then fixed(he had replaced the O2 filter a few times already). After a week, the light turned on, only this time when I come to a stop, and the car is idling, I can feel start to putter and eventually the car stalls out. My ride to work has a lot of stop lights and I find myself praying a lot more. Could someone help me out with some advice or identify the problem.

I can identify your problem: the Volvo you’re driving.

Sorry to sound harsh, but my sister has one just like yours. It has been a money pit, and costs at least $500 just to get it into the door of the shop.

If you have the means to trade the car in on another one, I’d go that route, personally. Good luck.