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Volve V70 Sputters and Stalls after warmup

Oh, please…this car is sending me over the edge. It’s a 99 V70, 135k miles, very well maintained.

After my car warms up it will start knocking while idling at a stoplight, then when accelerating from a stoplight, the car will sputter and stall. It’s never stalled out, but I feel like it might soon.

I took it in today, the codes indicated a bad oxygen sensor and one of the cylinders wasn’t firing.

With new sensor and plugs installed, the engine light came back on within a few blocks and after a mile or so, the problem came back.

What else do I need? Maybe new wiper blades, or valve stems?

ok, It’s not a Volve. It’s a Volvo.

I wouldn’t worry about the wiper blades or valve stems. Most engine problems can be narrowed down to fuel or spark. When was the last time you had the wires and cap/rotor changed? Anybody bother checking the fuel delivery? Pump pressure? Fuel injectors? If you can’t diagnose this yourself, get the mechanic to go through the normal stuff first . . . spark, fuel delivery, timing. Rocketman

I have to wonder if the error code was for the circuit to the O2 sensor rather than the sensor itself. The shop should have known that is that is the case. It would help to know what the error codes are to help you further with this.

It probably has the original fuel filter. Change the fuel filter.

Thanks for the feed-back. I’ll take it back tomorrow and get any remaining codes, then have them run through your suggestions.

Just as a side-note. 10 months ago I got new plugs and fuel filter.