My 1997 diesel suburban dies while driving

My diesel suburban dies while driving. It starts right back up. I have changed the fuel filter and checked for water in fuel. Any suggestions?

It’s starving for fuel, find out why…

Check for output from your electric fuel pump (it is a solenoid type, mounted to the frame rail on the driver’s side). If it is not functioning, you’ll have starvation problems. If that checks out ok, then check to be sure that you have a DIESEL fuel cap. They physically interchange with the gas ones, but they are valved differently, and can create a vacuum within the tank that can cause a starvation issue. It can also be the dreaded “P.M.D.” (Pump Mounded Driver) which is prone to heat related failures. Check to see if you can maintain a steady 2,000 RPM in neutral or park for 60 seconds, especially after a stall/restart. If you can’t, then this indicates a failing P.M.D. If you choose to replace it, do yourself a favor and buy a re-location kit as well. It re-positions the P.M.D. away from the heat of the engine and improves reliability and longevity. Check out discussions at these forums for more info: