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My 1988 toyota camry

I recently asked about my overdrive light on my 88 camry. i was giving some great info that got me thinking about when the problem started i know the throttle sensor has to do with the air flow, i replaced the factory air box with a after market filter that connected directly to the mass air sensor mount could the changing in the air flow dynamics cause the sensors to act different and send the wrong signals to the CPU? i have noticed that the acceleration has decreased alot going up hill or when i try to speed up quickly i thought it was because of the Trans problem but could the air flow be causing the problems all together? Thanks for your help and assistance

If you still have the orginal air box/filter reinstall it back into the vehicle.

I had a person come in with one of these aftermarket air filters kits mounted on the engine, The kit didn’t provide a place for the Air Temperature Sensor to mount so it was just dangling in the engine compartment measuring underhood temperatures, and the filter in the kit allowed too much dirt thru to where it contaminated the MAF sensor.

Lucky for them, the original filter box/filter were still in the trunk. So I just reinstalled those components and cleaned the MAF sensor, and the engine ran great.

The aftermarket filter kit went into the garbage.


thats kinda wht i figured i still have the old setup im putting it on in the am thanks alot