Crazy Camry

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I have a 2002 Camry SE V6. For the last 7 months it has been acting oddly. An annoyance, but not disabling. I just recently had an air-gas sensor replaced because of “engine check” light. I hoped it would fix the oddly issue, but it did not.

Here’s the issue/problem:

Drive the car until the motor warms, say, a few miles. Shut it off for a little while, like to shop for some groceries or more beer. Get the car back on the road, and, when accelerating and going through the gears, it will stall like the engine has just croaked, for a very brief moment, when shifting into 2nd gear. Then after a second or two, quickly, it goes right back to normal, and won’t do it again until you repeat the whole process. Other than that, it’s still running like a top!

Any suggestions?

Inspect air duct between throttle body and air cleaner. If there is a crack in this duct this will cause unmetered air to enter the engine at a certain moment causing a hesitation from low flow through the mass air flow sensor.

Thanks rattlegas. That’s a very timely tip, and one I can easily check myself, whereas dropping my transmission…no can do! Timely because I’m leaving Thursday for a 300 mile drive. You would make my day, better yet, spring if this should prove to be the fix. Off to the garage

The problem might be the early sign of a crankshaft position sensor starting to fail.

These sensors can become sensitive to heat where they stop sending their signal to the computer. When the computer loses the signal from this sensor, it see’s no reason to operate the ignition and fuel systems and the engine shuts down momentarly.


Thanks Tester - I’ll do some investigation on that concept. I’ll be kicking this stuff around with my mechanic, and hopefully find the right solution. Great to have some diversity to cover some bases. Appreciate it! Also, just got a Chilton manual from library. Sometimes very helpful


Please define “air-gas sensor”

air/fuel sensor
Oxygen sensor
Fuel tank pressure sensor


I bought an OBD ll Trouble code reader. My fault is P1730. Shaft speed sensor. It suggests the cable from the sensor on the transaxle has either a short or bad contact. Sound logical?

Could be short or open circuit, high or low voltage, or even the sensor itself.

Speed sensor problems can confuse the engine computer and the transmission, so that needs to be fixed. If it doesn’t fix this symptom, ask your shop to test the throttle position sensor.

I never use any sensors other than OEM or Denso (if they made OEM) The cheapies can work but last >10% as long as OEM IME.