Mass Air Flow Sensor



I have a 2002 Buick Park Ave with 72K miles. Well maintained with all the suggested maintenance done. With increasing frequency I am feeling a pronounced “slip” or “miss” when the auto tranny is shifting between 1st and 2nd gear - especially when under a slight load (accelerating). I have been told that the mass air flow sensor could be the cause. Does this make sense? Is there a connection? It does not do it all the time but intermitantly.


No this doesn’t make any sense at all. A bad MAF will mess up the mixture settings and cause a lean or rich condition. This will result in extreme coughing usually above idle or missing on acceleration just like a carb problem or fuel starvation problem.

What you are describing is a delayed shift or slipping. That’s a trans pressure problem or gummed up controls. You can try a half can of trans tune and change the fluid but best to have an ATRA member shop take a look at it before real damage is done. Trans Man is the guy to ask but don’t think he made it to the new board.


Has the transmission fluid/filter ever been changed?
If not, it should have been long ago.
Weak, 6 year old fluid can cause some stupid things to happen in the transmission.


I have been told that the mass air flow sensor could be the cause. Does this make sense?
It would make sense if the guy is trying to sell you one of his dead stock or similar stuff.

As previous poster mentioned, check the fluid first. There would be many thing to do before jumping to the conclusion.


Yes, they were changed at 60k. But an update is in order.The mass air flow sensor was replaced and the problem has completely disappeared.


Well lo and behold, who would have thought that? I appologize if that fixed it. Anyone care to venture a guess as to what a MAF would have to do with a shifting problem? Could it have been running way to lean or something?


My only guess is that it was a lose of power that felt like the tranny slipping to the OP.


I wonder if there are two problems here…one solved with the MAF and one remaining with a torque convertor heading south…


I have a Ford Wiring Diagrams Manual and you would have a hard time believing the things that can be thrown off by a bad sensor. Most of the sensors on my vehicle (99 Taurus) are directly involved with the operation of the transmission. Including the IAT and the ECT sensor(s). It would be next to impossible to diagnose this w/o a scantool of some kind.