My 1976 bmw 2002 sun roof doesn't work

I am looking for the repair manual for the bmw 2002 sunroof year 1976. My husband and son are trying to get it working. I have been searching for a manual. Can anyone help?

Are you sure it’s a FACTORY sunroof? Usually, you will not find this information in a repair manual. They make a separate “Body Manual” that details this stuff, if it was a factory option. Many are aftermarket installations done by the dealer…If it simply does not leak, I would be thankful and leave it alone…

Even if you find a Factory manual (give up totally on a non-factory manual saying anything about the sunroof on a 76) the instructions and pictures will be of no value (photo quality in these old factory manuals was very poor) and the instructions assume you have already done the job many times.

I have done a lot of BMW sunroof work but not on a 2002. The earliest car I have worked on a BMW sunroof was the e-30 (around 85). These were not to bad after struggling for a while to figure it out and I have been told that 2002’s were also not so hard, but they are all hard to figure out in the beginning.