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My 1971 Blazer wont start

I need help, I just cleaned and rebuilt my carb on a blazer thats been sitting for 5 years. She said it ran when it was put n the garage and now after blowing out the fuel lines and cleaning the carb the truck wont start for me, i noticed the antifreeze was overfilled but thats the only fluid problem. What could be causing me to not get it running? PLease help me

You need 3 things FUEL, AIR, and SPARK. Find out which of these you are missing. If you spray a little starter fluid in the intake and it starts then dies it is almost certainly fuel related. Take the boot off one of the spark plugs and stick a key in the end and hold it close to a clean piece of metal while someone cranks it. Does it spark? If you hold your hand over the air intake while the engine is being cranked do you get a steady suction??

Post back with results.

It won’t run on 5 year old gasoline.

Check the Ballast resistor/wire on the distributor. It’s easy to miss. I replaced the wire with a Mopar resistor to get a 71 Buick running.

Ed B.