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The car that cant be fixed the mechanic stumper

-95 chevy blazer

-170k miles (bought car at auction approx 3 years ago had 135k miles approx. had 2 owners last owner was personal one before was used as lease vehicle and was well maintained and kept track of it in the owners manual

-4x4 s10

-since i have had the car i have kept up on the oil changes

-a couple months after i bought it i got a tune up on it and drove it to missouri (from reno, nv

) aprrox 2000k one way and a week later i drove it back i got an oil change in between the round trip

on the way back my check engine light came on and my car was over heating

it was -10 degrees out side

my anti freeze was empty

- after returning back i had a lot of probs with my car over heating (the rest is what had been fixed since i owned the car

- got a new radiator and water pump

-starting probs

-tests showed bad battery

-replaced battery several times

-replaced alternator and serpentine belt helped but not fixed

-replaced battery helped but not fixed

-still starting prob. tested starter it was working but could use replacing

-started replace helped but not fixed

-still starting prob … checked air fuel and fire (spark plugs)

air and fuel looked ok

spark alright

a shop said my dome light wouldn’t turn off after exiting the vehicle but that wasn’t the case but they still made it so it doesnt turn on anymore

still prob so next guess distributor

completely replaced and the module was replaced several times

timing fixed

new spark plugs

at this point i have had the car in several garages and no one is able to fix it

they are all stumped

now not only is the car not always starting but it is idling rough

i was made aware that the 85 octane gas i put in my car could have been the colpret

so i used those fuel injector cleaner you pour in your gas tank and i replaced the fuel pump

i tried the fuel injector cleaner about 4 times when fuel was low just before filling up

this helped but prob came back

the last thing that has been replaced was the map sensor

one of the mechanics that worked on the distributor instructed me to spray starter fluid into the hose opposite end of the air filter to get the car to start

the car starts when it wants to… nothing that would help you determine the prob

i believe all places have said its not a prob with any “chip”

the last mechanic who had my car had it for like 6 months

this car has stumped like 10 mechanics in 4 garages

the starter and alternator and battery is fine

anything done on my own i had a mechanic check

my next at home project might be to replace every hose

but even if i fix it with that i still have another prob …

i need my car to start and run smooth

any help i would extremely appreciate!!! thanks!!!



With overheating and loss of antifreeze it sounds like head gasket and maybe warped head.
Did you find out where water went, is it still disapearing?
You need to get away from throwing parts at it without knowing if it will fix it.
Have someone who knows how to use a vacuum gauge and maybe a commpression check.

my anti freeze was empty

Problem #1. Check for head gasket damage. If it is bad, consider the cost of fixing it and keeping the car. Not fixing it will just make matters worse. If corse this is assuming that the coolant was really empty and not just the little bottle where you can see it.

till prob so next guess distributor

I don’t see any reason for replacing the distributor.

[i] i was made aware that the 85 octane gas i put in my car could have been the colpret

so i used those fuel injector cleaner you pour in your gas tank and i replaced the fuel pump

I see no reason for the fuel pump replacement. Low octane fuel would not have damaged it and if you did not have it tested (pressure and volume) it was foolish to replace it. Using fuel cleaner seldom helps anything. All fuel (including low octane) today has sufficient fuel cleaner in it for any normal needs.

You list is long but it does seem to lack background for all the things listed.  

It appears that a lot of guessing and very little testing has been done to your car.

[b] Any chance this could have been a flood car?   That would explain just about everything. [/b]

In the era your car was made GM taught us to use a Stratagey Based Diagnostic approach to finding the fault,It is clear that none of your 10 mechanics knows what Stratagey Based Diagnostics is.

The way you are presenting the problem to this Forum guarantees poor results, you are lumping a coolant loss,overheating,slow crank,no crank,crank no start, dead battery and driveability issues all together,I hesitate to get involved.

With the additional complexity (yes cars today are more complex than 95)GM has introduced a Functional Based Diagnostic approach to the procedure.

What is the problem and the symptoms? Give some details of the problem and symptoms. If any tests have been done, what were the results? For instance, what is the fuel pressure at idle, engine under load, and how long is the fuel pressure leak-down period with the engine off? Any other data?

I wish I could give you an answer to specifically fix the problem, but it sounds like you’re spending more money in garages than the Blazer is worth.

Also with the mileage sounds like it would be cheaper to get another used engine.