My 03 Liberty sounds like its got a flat in the front driver tire


This just started happening. I was driving and the noise is getting worse and worse, sounds like the front tires are either rubbing on the inside or they are flat, only they aren’t flat. Could this be the front U-joints, maybe a wheel bearing? Or possibly when they did the recall lower ball joint replacement and didn’t align the front end, they screwed something up? Please advise, I am about to take to my favorite shop and get them to tell me what the heck is the issue. I will fix myself, but I need to know why its making this noise.


My guess is a CV joint, let us know what the shop says.


The mechanic at the dealership had not torqued the lug nuts on the driver front wheel and it was about to fall off. They also had kept my special thin wall lug socket, my brother had given me for the wheels. I wasn’t too happy about that and I made them replace the studs, as they were kinda buggered up from the wheel rubbing on them. So, case closed.


You got lucky. The wheel stayed on long enough.