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i have a 2002 jeep liberty 3.7 lt auto trans 4wheel drive.all at once it makes rattling noise and shake like crazy.i was thinking oh no another u joint but checked them none broke or i got back in drove it on home and it had then i thought front cv axle so i put in 4x4 and drove it and nothing?

i drive it 25 miles one way twice daily 5 days a only starts this after about 10 miles.

How long has the Check Engine Light been lit up?

Original Owner ? Has This Liberty Had The Front Lower Ball Joint Recall Done ? How About The Second Ball Joint Recall ?

2002 & 2003 Liberty models had a ball joint recall and then 2002 - 2006 Liberty vehicles had a ball joint recall. Even 2002 & 2003s that had the first recall need to have the second recall performed.

Don’t guess and don’t take my word for it. Call a Jeep dealer and have them run your VIN (vehicle identification number) and check for any “open” recalls on this Jeep.

The recalls are free of charge (parts & labor) if your vehicle qualifies.