2000 Lincoln Navigator will not idle

Every now and then when I start up it will not idle, will start then shut down. If I keep my foot on the pedal it will run but as soon as I let off the gas it dies. Seems to correct itself eventually.Any ideas whats happening? Thanks

Since this a Ford product, the first thing to suspect is a malfunction Idle Air Control motor.


Just on case you’d like a second opinion, I concur with Tester on this one. The IAC was the firt thing that came to my mind too.

They’ve changed the part (Idle Air Bypass Valve) since 2000 so that it is much less likely to stick closed now. Replace it with the new improved part. If you want to confirm that this is the problem, the next time it acts up, tap the IAC with a hammer. That should unstick it.

Thanks! So where would i find the IAC

You’ll find it in two places. The first place is your local auto parts store. The second place is it’s mounted on the throttle body. With the new part in hand, you’ll know what needs to be replaced on the throttle body.