Mustang GT 1998


My son has a 1998 Gt mustang. The car currently has 97,000 miles. Is it worthed to spend the money to rebuild the trans? I was told that this is a good engine from Ford and given the appropriate care could go on for while…


Yes, it is worth it. The engines are good and so are the transmissions.

You did not state if this is an automatic or manual transmission though. If it’s a manual and is knocked out at 97k then this usually points to Jr. slamming gears.
If it’s an automatic transmission the reason could be the same as the manual and possibly helped along by failure to change the trans fluid on a regular basis.


I agree with OK. This trans should not have gone this soon. It is worth fixing if it is in good or better condition. If there are other problems, think about it. If automatic, choose a shop with a good rep and have it rebuilt. If you can not find a shop with good recommendations get a Ford remanufactured trans and have someone install it.