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Toyota camry transmission

I have a 1998 toyota camry with 328000 miles and I am being told that I have to get a new transmission and perhaps rebuild the engine. I would like to keep my car for a couple of years and I am wondering about the approximate cost for the transmission and the cost to rebuild my engine. Any comments would be appreciated.

You Can Fix That Old Car With A Simple Screw Driver.

Unscrew the license plate(s) and attach them to a newer car. It’s amazing how attached we become to our trusty old cars. I’ve been there many times.

Trust me. Get something several years newer with several hundred thousand fewer miles, if possible.


I get attached to cars as much as anyone does, but, in the end, it’s a machine; when it’s defective you replace it. This car’s had a good, long life, and it’s ready for rest.

On a less philosophical note, I’d be very reluctant to make that kind of investment in such an old (not by years, but by miles) car. You might get 10 more trouble-free years out of it, but it’s more likely that just about everything else on it is ready to break. You could easily fall in love with a well-maintained 2006 Camry with only 70,000 miles on it.

Replacing the trans and rebuilding the engine is going to run $5,000. You can get a used trans and motor, meaning not rebuilt, and you takes your chances for something like $2K to 3K but the quality of the finished job is in doubt.

Do you have the original motor and transmission? 4 or 6 cylinder? Manual or automatic? I ask because I have a 2001 Camry with only 53K and would like to keep it for a long time.

The only rational way to fix your car would be by installing a used motor and trans from a wreck. With the economy the way it is, there are a lot of competent mechanics looking for work. Shop around for the best price.

Thanks for the responses. I know that I am attached; I call her Betsy,lol and we have been through it together and I hate to give up on her. I do not have any problems right now; however, I am told that eventually I will, because of the mileage, and I was trying to be proactive about it. I have the original motor and transmission and it is a 4 cylinder automatic. I am told that the rebuilt option might be best because I have taken care of my car and know about her problems, I think, lol.

I will see if I can find someone that is competent and who I can trust and check out the costs and weigh those options against buying a used car. I am thinking that if I am going to buy a use car; perhaps I will stay with Betsy and then when she dies; buy a new car and perhaps her spirt will come back to my new car? I know, too attached, lol.

Thanks for the comments and I will think about my options. Anyone in Illinois who knows a good mechanic/company that is good on transmissions or rebuilt engines? My present mechanic does not do engine work and the people they used to work with, went out of business.


I LOVE Camry’s and think they are one of the best cars made…but it’s time to let go.

But before you do…get a second opinion…

I do not have any problems right now; however, I am told that eventually I will, because of the mileage, and I was trying to be proactive about it.

If this logic made any sense whatsoever everyone would be rebuilding their engines and transmissions all of the time. Its positively loopy.

Just continue to take care of the car and continue to drive the car. Fix the basics when they go & worry about catastrophe when it happens or seems imminent.

I do not have any problems right now; however, I am told that eventually I will, because of the mileage, and I was trying to be proactive about it.

I missed that part…

Last I knew our 87 Accord had over 400k miles on it and still running strong on the original engine and transmission. My 90 pathfinder had over 300k when I sold it and the engine and transmission had plenty of life in it…My 98 pathfinder when I gave it to my daughter had over 300k miles…and when she got rid of it with well over 350k miles and it still didn’t burn one drop of oil…engine and transmission where fine.

Wait until the car has problems before you even think about replacing it…Any vehicle that old with that many miles…it makes no sense to rebuild the tranny and/or engine. Keep doing maintenance…and keep driving it…If it’s as good as you say it is…then I wouldn’t be surprised if it reaches 400k miles or more before the engine or tranny give you any problems.