Mustang fans: newer v6 or older GT?

Pretty much the title. I currently have a 2011 mustang v6 premium coupe with 90k miles and I love it. Enough power to have fun and looks great. However the opportunity came up that I could do an even trade with someone for a 2006 mustang GT premium coupe with 97k miles. I am at a loss what to do.

The 06 GT has a super clean interior and exterior but it is 5 years older after all. Obviously the main thing that’s making me consider it is having that v8 sound. It also has slightly more torque (320 lbs compared to 280 lbs in the v6.) I could also just add shorty headers to my v6 and call it a day too. I already have Roush axlebacks on it so it would sound really good with headers but still not quite as good as the v8. Thoughts?

I guess if this is the Mustang you have all the threads about with its problems you can’t be any worse off .

Nope that was with the 2001 convertible. That’s long gone

As much as I enjoyed the sound of the factory exhaust on my 07 GT, the quality of the interior would steer me away from this swap. If this was a 2010 GT swap, I’d say do it, but not an 06.

If your state is such that catted long tubes could be used on the V6, that would help the sound and get your torque up to the 3 valve V8s.

If you want more kick in the seat, change rear end gears. You might even find a complete 3.55 or 3.73 that can be swapped in cheaper than the cost of a gear set install.

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I’d stick with the V6. A 2011 V6 was faster than a 2010 GT on Car and Driver’s Lightning Lap (around number 210):

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In a straight line the 05-09 gt would win but not in a lapped race since the 11 and ups suspension was very improved. I like everything else about the 2011 v6 more than the 06 gt other than just missing that classic muscle car rumble

My vote is for keeping what you have. Your current car is a known quantity and the GT is not.

Being a GT one might reasonably wonder how often it was thrashed; either on the street or at a track.

Quite a few years back some kid showed up the drags on a test and tune night. He had a brand new turbocharged Dodge Neon which still had the dealer paper plate on it.
He flogged that car beginning at 5 P.M. and was still at it when I left early at 10 P.M. At some point in the future someone else was going to own that car and all of the associated problems…


I’d probably keep the V6. Other than the sound, it’s mostly a lateral move in performance, and somewhat of a step down in interior quality. If the GT had the coyote, then it would be a different story.

If the person trading even his Mustang 2006 GT for the 2011 Mustang Premium has plans to trade it in he gains about 1700.00 in value according to KBB .

I think 2011 would have a six speed auto, 2006 would have a 4 speed auto, if these are automatics. If they’re manuals, I’m not sure what they were putting in them.

The v8 would have more hp and tq at a lower rpm than the v6, I’d think. But 6 speed vs 4 speed would negate that somewhat.

It really boils down to personal preference. I’d take the v8, myself.

2006 would have a 5 speed auto or a 5 speed automatic. 2011 would have a 6 speed auto or a 6 speed manual. The 3.7L V6 actually makes about 5 more HP than the 3 valve 4.6L. The V8 has significant torque advantage. The 2011 V6 has an extra ratio though which partially offsets that. In a drag race it’s close with the 2006 V8 having something like a 2 or 3 tenths advantage both the 0-60 and 1/4 mile runs.


Good info! Torque is where the fun is, IMO.

The extra gear will negate that a little, but the v8 might offer a little less down shifting on grades, possibly a little more “accidental” tire slippage…yeah, I’d take the v8 unless I just disliked the body style.