Trade accord for mustang?

Hello! looking to trade my 2017 2.4 accord coupe for a 2013 mustang v6 base? Im trying to figure the pros and cons? is it worth it to trade?

How would anyone but you know if that is worth while ? You want to go to a 4 year older vehicle that is not even a special Mustang ? If you were going to a new one it might make sense .

Is this an even trade? What are the book values of each car?

You’ll obviously be giving up a lot of reliability over the next few years. Is that okay with you? The Mustang is presumably much worse in snow. Is that okay with you too?

Most of us here recommend having a pre-purchase inspection done on any used car, so I suggest that you do that.

Do you mean trade in the Accord and buy a used Mustang from a dealer? What trim level is the Accord? It appears that it is the base trim level Mustang. Are there any options on it? How many miles on both?

No it is not a good trade, unless you can make a very good case for it.
So tell us why you want to do this trade?

Worth it to me? - note my screen name - Yes.

Worth it to you? How can we know that?

It is usually a bad play to trade a newer car for an older one. You need good reasons, which you did not share.

it may seem dumb but my reason is the mustang is stronger vehicle than the accord.

my accord is a 4 cylinder touring and both cars are in 38k km.

As Spock would say ( That is not logical )

Go test drive the Mustang. You might not like it as much. I know I might get flamed for it here, but when I test drove the best Mustang, I didn’t like it much.
Then after the test drive you will know better if it is worth it for you. You also have to assume a bit more cost of repairs on the Ford-that is a very general statement not factoring in other variables including luck.

You want to trade a top trim level Accord for a bottom trim level Mustang? It doesn’t make sense to me. Then again, I own a 2017 Accord EX-L with the same a great car for my needs.

Based on what the pricing guides say the Accord is worth even as a trade in you could easily find a new leftover 2019 Ecoboost as an even swap (or really close,after trade in credit’s). At least in western Washington at the moment. You don’t say exactly where you are but by giving the mileage in KM i’m guessing Canada?

None of us can answer this for you. What you should be asking is which car better meets my current and future needs, at least in the foreseeable future?

Do you have a family/kids? A two door car (Mustang) won’t be as easy to live with as a 4 door Accord.

Is your Accord paid for, and will you have to finance this Mustang? Think about the financial aspect of it.

Do you know the maintenance history on this Mustang? If not, there could be a problem (or problems) brewing after you’ve bought it.

Is fuel economy a concern for you? Because I’m sure that even a V6 Mustang will drink more gas than an Accord.

Think about this rationally, and you’ll come to the right answer. Your response of “the Mustang is the stronger car” makes me think you’re wanting to buy it for image or ego reasons, but maybe I’m wrong. Just remember that, in reality, nobody cares what you drive. So drive something that makes sense for you.

Good luck.

Buy a v8 model. Why bother with a V6? Imagine the look on yours friends faces when you tell them you have a V6?

my reason is the mustang is stronger vehicle than the accord

What exactly do you mean by “stronger”? That’s a vague comparison.

And are you suggesting that you are considering the trade of your Accord to the owner of one specific Mustang that you have found for sale? Are you asking if they have equal cash value in a trade?

Or are you saying you want a low end Mustang (as yet not located), and wondering if you should give up your Accord to get it? As others have wisely written, that’s a value choice that only you can evaluate.

I have owned both. 2000 mustang 3.8 v6 convertible with manual tranny and 2001 Honda Accord 3.0l v6. Both were fun and spirited cars and my accord had a bigger motor than yours but I can relate.

My assessment is that the accord was more reliable and fuel efficient, cheaper parts when needed, well designed in all respects, so I would guess you will see the same.

If you are like me and enjoy cars for their differences, it is ok to get experiences with the mustang. Life is about enjoyment and smelling the roses or in this case, the feel of an American pony. The manual made the 6 cylinder more fun so consider that. Peeps are right that I answered the question why not 5.0 or why not GT 4.6 ALL the time. I was happy with my choice and enjoyed it thoroughly.

So go for it knowing this transition will cost or be costlier. But have fun with it! Test drive so it meets your definition of stronger. If it doesn’t than go for a bigger motor and smile everyday as you rumble down the road.

I smiled everyday enjoying a Mini Cooper S, even as it bled me dry from Repair’s. Still a fun time of ownership. even though I sounded fast and was ringing out high rpms on the shifter, I looked happy as a geo metro passes me.

I am a car guy thru and thru.

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The 13 Mustang V6 has as much horsepower as the older 4.6 V8. It is pretty powerful and gets decent mpg’s. That year’s GT 5.0 v8 makes 420 Hp.

The back seat is nearly useless. The car is a touch heavy. It is rear wheel drive so not the best in snow. The car has a massive aftermarket so you can customize it any way you can imagine. I have seen these cars listed at Copart with over 300k miles on them. Surprised me. The seats and interior are a little cheap looking and feeling.