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Classic vs. New Model

I’m at a crossroads. Should i go for a mustang 66 or camaro 67 (both in good shape) versus getting a good deal on a 2008 charger or 2008 mustang? lets say all 4 cars are in good shape, since my question is regarding daily use (this would be my only car)

Where do you live? What’s the weather like?

Those old cars wouldn’t work well here in Minnesota. But if I lived somewhere in the south, I’d love to drive an old car on a daily basis.

I’d probably want a cheap beater in addition to the classic car, the old car is going to need a lot more down time for maintenance and repair.

“this would be my only car”-
Easy, get the 2008. I’d prefer a 2011 Mustang V6, amazing combination of performance, handling, and mpgs.

I live in San Antonio, TX so its pretty warm down here

yeah i put that in since i’ve talked to a few guys who have the 66 mustang for weekend rides, so you would go for a v6 over a v8? also would you go for the mustang over the charger?

The new V6 has a lot of power and good MPG, no need for the V8.

If you’re looking for daily transportation you want a newer car. The classics are hobby cars, not daily drivers.

The Mustang would be my choice. V6 or V8 is your choice.

Regardless of the “good shape” the 60s cars are in, you can’t really use them as daily drivers.

Many items have deteriorated because of age, and will need replacing as you own the car. In addition, the reliability and durability of 60s car was pretty awful, compared to today’s models.

Some years ago Consumer Reprts compared a 60s Mustang with a new one (2007?), and concluded that, thank God, they don’t make them like they used to.

I had the best 60s car from a reliability point of view and the following things needed replacement in normal driving:

  1. Ignition switch at 19,000 miles

  2. New shocks at 20,000 miles

  3. Distributor shaft at 22,000 miles

  4. Front brakes at 29,000 miles

  5. Starter motor at 31,000 miles

  6. Rebuild carburetor at 32,000 miles

  7. Replace torsion bar anchor at 35,000 miles

  8. Alternator at 50,000 miles

You get the picture; the 60s Mustang was not nearly as good a car as mine was, a Dodge Dart.

Buy the later model, and forget anything “classic”, except as a hobby car!!!

Yes, I’d go for the V6, 300+ hp, less weight on the front wheels, better handling than the V8. But the V8 is, of course, FAST! I would get a '11 V6 over an '08 V8, lots of improvements all around. As for a '66 Mustang, I rebuilt (engine) and drove a '65 as my first car for several years. Great to look at, but a cheap rustbucket underneath. They were not good cars by any measure except looks. But for a hobby car, weekend rides, that sort of thing, sure.

Do you mean Challenger (2 door) instead of Charger (4 door)? I’d prefer a Mustang because it’s quite a bit lighter than either of those, but the answer changes if you need a comfortable back seat.

Hey guys thanks a lot for the quick reply, really appreciate it.You certainly settled the classic issue. One last question, mustang over charger?

Do you want a 4 door or 2 door? I think a re-styled Charger is coming out soon, haven’t seen the new style.

What about the Challenger?

My brother in law has a challenger 2009, pretty sweet ride, would you take it over the v6-v8 mustang?

Now you’re talking personal preference, see which one you like. The only one I’d absolutely avoid are the pre-2011 Mustang V6 models, not a good engine.

The power and MPG numbers look good on the 2011 V6 Mustang. Gotta love getting 30+ MPG. You won’t get close to that in a Challenger.

A friend of mine wasn’t happy enough with the V6 in the Challenger so he traded up from a V6 to a V8 Challenger. He loves the Challenger but wanted more power. It’s a personal preference thing though. Test drive all of them.

While I do think that the 2011 Mustang V6 is the better value than the GT. The GT still outhandles the V6, and it’s faster, and in the real world only gives up 2 MPG overall vs. the GT. However the price premium between the two is 7k which is steep. Also, there?s still the stigma that the V6 Mustang is the “secretary’s car”.

In San Antonio TX you might be OK with a classic as a daily driver. It really depends on the condition of the classic. I had a '67 Mustang (new) and it is a simple reliable car at heart. Old ones can have weak bodies due to rust, so the condition of the body and undercarriage of the car is very important.

I’d make sure all the brake lines, rubber and steel, had been replaced. I’d have the front suspension checked out and replace any rubber bushings that have rotted out. I’d have all the fuel lines replaced. Otherwise, the motor is rather simple to get to and repair, you’ll go through about one starter every 2 to 3 years. New radiators are available or the current one can be cleaned. The heater core will likely either be clogged now or be due for replacement. I’d pass on a Mustang with power windows since they can be trouble.

As a daily driver can you make other transportation arrangements for a couple of days while your car is repaired. If no, stick with a newer car. If yes, you might find a classic you can drive. Remember service intervals on vintage '60’s cars were much different than today. Oil changes every 3K miles, new plugs and points every 10 to 15K miles, etc. Also the classic might not like E10 gas if that is all you have available.

If you have a classic as a daily driver it will involve more care on your part to make it work. It helps if you are handy and can do much of the routine stuff yourself.

V6 or V8, it’s 300 HP. THREE hundred. You need it faster than that? And any handling can be upgraded for less than the 7K difference. The old v6, sure, but this monster? I think not.

Need was left out of the discussion right from the start! Now it’s about desire. For a paltry 2mpg penalty, give me the displacement. That car will hold its value better/longer than the smaller “peanut” engine :wink:

Faster yes, outhandles, no. You can get the V6/manual trans. with the same suspension as the GT, 19" tires and all. With that, and the better balance from the lighter front end, most reviews like how it handles better than the GT. But yes, that 5.0L/400+ hp V8 would be LOTS of fun!

2008 Mustang. It will handle far better than the 1967 cars and will last longer. And remember that good shape for a 2008 is almost new, while good shape for a 1967 car is far less than that.