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Must Turn On Headlights/Ign. to Roll Up Power-Windows (1996 Buick Century)

How could this have passed factory-inspection?!! I cannot roll up or down my power windows in the ACC. key position. I have to turn the key into the Ignition Position (headlights turn on) every time. Ive made NO changes to the wiring and was unaware of this problem when I purchased it used. There werent ANY apparent existing repaired components or other modifications to anything on the car. All wiring harnesses appear to be unaltered, seated, and in good shape.

This is utterly annoying and makes bystanders think Im trying to signal them with my headlights! This is almost the worst-designed car Ive ever driven.

It passed factory inspection 15 years ago. You cannot blame the factory. It might even be normal for this vehicle.

If this is the only problem you’re having with a 15 year old used vehicle, I think yo’ve done well.

My ford works exactly that way as well - I agree that it is a bit annoying, but it isn’t a defect or problem. Its just how some designs go. (Less annoying for me b/c I don’t have automatic headlights or DRLs).

That is the way the car worked when it was 100% brand new, you just don’t have a clue about how the car is supposed to work since you JUST bought it, 15 years after it was first sold back in '96.

How about you remember to rollup your windows before you turn off your car instead?


Most cars work that way. Windows only work in the Key on position. One nice feature with the Honda’s and Toyota’s…is once you turn the car off…if you haven’t opened any of the doors…you can role the window up (or down). But once one of the doors is open then the windows don’t operate.

It’s not a defect. That’s the way this GM vehicle operates. My wife’s Oldsmobile is wired the same way.

Another one, I guess never heard of an Owners manual

Wouldn’t you think by now your memory would actually kick in and you’d remember to up the windows prior to turning it off ?
-or- if you just can’t swing that after all this time…( a massive percentage of vehicles are this way )
you can hot-wire the windows.

I’ve rewired three vehicles so the windows are on a hot circuit. This was sooo handy after mom had a stroke and would often wait in the truck for dad to do something or other, he could take the keys with him and not worry.

Working at the fuse box, you or someone can hot-wire the window circuit. ( this is not a security risk…your door locks are hot. Any good thief knows one well placed coat hanger and -pop- goes the door locks. )