Moving Object Detection Problem

Last year I bought a 2016 certified Rogue SV. The blind spot warning and moving objection rarely goes off. I have extended warranty so I took it into the local dealer not where I purchased it because of driving distance. They said the moving objection detection went off for them (walking behind the car) and threw no codes. I said my main problem was detecting cars. It’s a safety issue. They didn’t give me any satisfaction or advice other than to drive it. Any thoughts or ideas. Than kyou.

Paul, maybe you actually know how to drive and, as such, you never need the warnings?

I never see my tire pressure monitoring warning go off but I keep my tires properly inflated

People are smaller than cars so if they set off the warning, a car certainly should. Have you gotten yourself in a position where there clearly was a car in your blind spot and it failed to warn you? If so, another trip to the dealer might be in order.


Sure, you might just be a careful driver but that might not be the reason. My wife is a careful driver and the blind spot detection still goes off on her Hyundai, sometimes even when it shouldn’t. I do know her blind spot detection system is tied in to the directional signals. I don’t think it works if she’s not using a signal. If you’re saying the object detection system doesn’t go off when you think it should, enlist the help of a friend/coworker/neighbor and have him/her approach your vehicle from various directions in his/hers. If the warning triggers you’ll know it’s working. If it doesn’t, go back to the original dealer since they sold you the vehicle. If that doesn’t provide satisfaction, call the number for Nissan corporate in your Owner’s Manual.

When buying our Rav4 the salesman told a story of when he was in training for the new models. The collision avoidance failed due due rain his guess and they smashed though the prop, his words, don’t depend on it. Guess we have to drive the old fashioned way using our eyes mirrors and ears.

Take a friend to a parking lot in separate cars. Pull into a parking spot front end first. Back very slowly out of the spot while your friend drives across and behind you. Did it set off the object detection system? If not, there is a problem.

how close behind do you want the other car?

Not too close or there will be an accident, and that’s why I said to back out very slowly. Anywhere in the aisle between the cars should work. It might also work to stop the car in the aisle and then back out. I’m not sure whether the other car has to be moving or not. My wife was backing out of our driveway a few days ago and the object detection system detected a car on the road passing behind us. We hadn’t reached the end of the driveway yet and the car had to be about 30 feet away when the alarm went off. We have a 2019 Odyssey, though.