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2018 Nissan Rogue - No reverse warnings

When the SUV is in reverse, I get no signal if I am getting too close to anything in back of me. I get warnings if anything is on the sides, but not the back.

Sensor bad or needs adjustment. My wife has a Nissan Rogue Krom and the backup sensors and camera have worked spotty since new.

You should still be in the warranty period. Have you asked the dealer to look at this problem ?

Thanks, when I bring it in for service, I will mention that.

I haven’t had it in for service yet, I just bought it a few months ago, it is due for an oil change now.
I’ll check with the Dealer to see if that is covered by Warranty.

Yes it is covered by warranty… unless you bashed in the rear of your Rogue.

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Unless a sensor is not part of the package.Ours does not have the rear sensor, just have to watch the camera, which with my long distance sun glasses and angle of the sun is more trouble than using eyes and mirrors.

The OP did not state whether this is a new problem, or an ongoing problem.
Additionally, it is entirely possible that her vehicle did not include rear sensors as standard equipment.
The regulars in this forum will probably recall somebody’s complaints a few months ago about being unable to activate the Cruise Control on his new car (a Chevy Spark or Sonic, I think…)

After MUCH back and forth in this forum, including the suggestion that his car did not have that feature, he finally went back to the dealership, and they proved that his car did not have that feature.

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First check that the park assist system is switched on, that is a common reason for complaint in my experience. Next check the proximity adjustment if equipped and set it to your liking.

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Thank you so much for that information. I bought the car " used" a few months ago and did not know that the rear sensor was just not present from the beginning. I wish it were a feature !

I don’r think the car has a park assistance feature

I drive my car most of the time, older no bells and whistles, My wifes last car had the alert, but there were so many dings going off I just ignored them, backed up into a bollard, no damage, but one of the ding sounds was probably the backup sensor.

To quote a line from the play and movie entitled The Desk Set…
“Never assume”

When I was sixteen, bought a Renault Caravelle. I thought I was just having a problem finding first on what I assumed was the four speed- -nope it was a three speed! Cute car, underpowered, and horrible quality.

Does the rear bumper have sensors in it? They are the small circular objects in the picture.

The OP belatedly discovered–and stated–that her car doesn’t have rear sensors:

True but perhaps she did not know what to look for.

The phrase “never assume” is a good way to proceed in most situations–as the OP discovered.