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Blind spot warning

Any opinions on the 9/11 caller who test drove a Mazda 6 and a Honda Accord and almost had a lane-change collision in the Accord because it has no blind-spot warning system?

I think it is inexcusable! Why didn’t Click & Clack take the opportunity to discuss proper mirror adjustment and caution when changing lanes? Why have people become so bone-headed that they need blind-spot warning systems to drive without running into other cars?

Why are we forced to pay for Anti-lock Brake systems, Vehicle Stability Control systems, and Tire Pressure Monitoring systems on new vehicles? It’s because of the 2% rule. 2% of the people are complete idiots or morons where they don’t know how to drive a vehicle correctly for the driving conditions, or don’t have the common sense to check their tire pressures as normal maintenance. So in an effort to protect this 2% of the population, the government demanded vehicle makers install these systems. So now we’ve protected this 2% of the population but at everyone elses expense.


My warning sytsem has always been look over your shoulder to make sure the lane is clear, is that system no longer functional? I do like the rectangular blind spot mirrors also.

If anything, I think the BSM on my car can be TOO sensitive. Too often I’ll be driving along, even down my street, or a two lane highway, and I’ll see the BSM light up on my mirror.
The way I set up my rear view mirror and exteriors I usually see the car come into view on my side mirrors just as they’re leaving my rear view mirror. I’ve also noticed a car in the side mirror BEFORE the BSM lights up as well.