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Need help with carshiping

I want to buy a car from another state and have it transported. But I don’t know how to do it, because I`ve never used a shipping carrier for a vehicle before.There are many things to consider when moving a vehicle, my biggest concern being how much it will cost me. Searching for ‘car shipping companies’ in search engines produced seriously misleading or irrelevant results. The majority of carrier websites contain blurb about the company, but no actual answers to my questions. Maybe someone knows some information on this topic?

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You just have to call several transportation firms with the location from and to plus what kind of vehicle it is . If this is a dealer they might have someone they use . Also if there is a classic vehicle dealer near you they can tell you who they use .

You can try uship, I cannot vouch for the company, but was toying with doing work for them for a little bit.

Also in case this helps there have been a number of car shipping articles posted on It may give you some ideas, and then you can call to talk to them or ask around.


It greatly depends on what you’re shipping and when .

A classic Ferrari will be big bucks whenever you ship but a Corolla from Florida “dead head” back to the NE in the Fall will be a bargain.

Need more information where you’re shipping from and to.

Might try calling a couple dealers in the area. Last Summer when I thought I might win a T-Bird out in Boston, shipping was an issue. The guy that painted my house said a friend arranged car hauling and would get me a good quote. Never needed it but the guy that won the car lives about 100 miles away in Minnesota. When I called him to congratulate him, he said a local car dealer had a couple cars coming from Boston and was going to have them put it on the truck. Don’t know the charge but if the truck is heading that way, the more the merrier. Dealers move cars around all the time. Lots of times there are empty spaces on the transports.

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Others have addressed the shipping issues but a few questions come to mind.

Is this a used car and if so are you seriously considering buying it sight unseen sans test drive or inspection?

Is the car being sold by a dealer or is this one of those internet/don’t know who you are really dealing with situations?

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Plane tix and drive it back.
300 miles? Have friend drive you there.

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Thankee for the information. :metal:

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Recently I was also worried about this question. I was looking for a car for my wife for a long time. I read a lot of articles and forums. Found interesting article I decided to buy a 2013 Honda pilot. The car was in California that’s why I had to use car shipping, delivery to Denver cost $ 800