Auto shippers

Has anyone used across country automotive shipping companies? Anyone have a recomendaton?

I have used twice, not such a great experience, so I won’t give you their #!

Stay away from the internet for this particular need. Look in the yellow pages. Try to find somebody who has an enclosed container. Both my cars were stacked with debris on arrival. They were older cars and I just wanted to get them across without spending a lot of $. There was a website called; more of a forum with a lot of good advice. I am not sure if it is still around or the moving industry took care of it

We have local shippers that move snow birds(migrate New England->Florida) every winter. Talking to my neighbor that have had nothing but success moving his mum back and forth every season.

Honestly I would try hard to find one this manner of asking if possible locally. I seriously doubt a chain will have all positive nor negative experience. It depends on hired mover in the end.

Lastly what are you moving? A plebian Toyota/Honda or that “special” car?