Is there really a difference?



Ok- I have been a bit confused about this for a while: Wheels/Rims are divided by if they are made for Front-wheel drive vehicles and Rear-wheel drive vehicles. How is there a difference in the rim’s structure between FWD And RWD? Is there really a difference?


I don’t recall any different wheels and tyres other than the usual differences between cars.




I’ve been going to different websites shopping for new rims. Some rims are claimed to only be for FWD vehicles; and vice versa for RWD~ I just didn’t see how a difference is possible~


No, there isn’t. Some performance sports cars have different sizes front and rear, but even then the basic design is the same, just the size is different.

Quarter mile dragsters have rear wheels specially contructed and approved by NHRA because they can easily tear the center right out of the rim on any standard wheel. That actually became a problem years ago and resulted in the NHRA regulation for wheels. But the fuelies are pushing 9,000 horsepower through huge slicks almost glued to the pavement.

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I suspect you are referring to the offset of the wheels. RWD cars often have lower offsets than FWD cars. On a wheel with a lower offset, the mating surface between the wheel and the hub are closer to the centerline of the tire. A wheel with a larger offset has this mating surface closer to the outer edge of the tire. The bottom line is that your replacement wheels should have the correct specifications for your car.


I just found this, it’s clearer than my explanation:

#8 also has an excellent primer on wheels & tires.

Offset never occured to me.

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