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"Motor Support Seal" for 06 Mercury Montego

Mechanic wants to replace the “motor support seal” because of a noise that my mother hears in her car. The part (which has to be ordered from Ford) cost $270 and he says he’ll only charge her $75 for labor. I’m ignorant about this car and am wondering what the brain trust thinks. Any ideas? Sound OK?

I have no idea what a “motor support seal” is.

Never heard of it.

I also don’t know what this part is. You might try and get a more detailed description.

The engine has a sealed hydraulic anti-roll mount that prevents the engine from twisting too far. If your mother is hearing a noise when she accelerates or decelerates that’s the part the mechanic is probably talking about.


Good job, tester!

I’m with Tester. I suspect the mechanic said “sealed motor mount” or words to that effect. The reason the cost is so high is that these mounts are not field repairable, the entire mount would need replacing.

Twisted terminology. ( RED FLAG, always suspect )
’‘Motor support’’ is one thing.
a '‘seal’ ’ is another.
Tell him to stop pandering you novices with b/s and use real automotive treminology…even Ford part numbers and we can answer more clearly.
That is also your way of researching that he’s being up front and honest about what is needed.

In my Ford motor mount parts diagram I see one high priced support #5F9Z-6F055-BB @ $266.52 msrp. maybe that’s the one but you can do two pieces of research here.
Have him tell you the ford part number and point to the item under the hood.
Get a parts diagram from the Ford dealer and have your tech point out the one. The Ford dealer can tell you the prices of each.
There are many in the picture and it’s not quite as easy as saying "you need a motor mount."
There are three major mounts as most engines sit on a basic tripod. Then there are a few twist/torque supports. The high priced one I speak of a one of those torque braces, upper right-hand corner in the picture.

– quite frankly I’m surprised at the high price of the part number I mentioned :frowning: