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Motor mount

I have a 2001 Ford Focus, about 2 years ago a motor mount was leaking and I had it repaired/replaced. Now there is a leak in the same place. Do motor mounts leak? How much approximately to cost to fix it?

I had a motor mount replaced on my 1994 Saturn SL2 yesterday, it cost just under $200. My engine was shaking a bit at idle [for the past 2 years!]. I never looked at the motor mount myself [no car lift], I just experienced the symptoms.

Never heard of a motor mount leaking…They are made of metal and some rubber/poly compound.

If there’s a leak…it’s coming from someplace else…Might be a valve cover gasket.

PS…don’t take it back to that first mechanic…

Actually, there are some motor mounts that are “liquid-filled”.
Whether a 2001 Focus has that type of motor mount, I can’t say.
However, there are definitely some car models where it is possible to have fluid seeping from a motor mount.

I was wondering if there were mounts that are oil filled…I’ve oil filled mounting systems for specialized sensitive equipment before…but NEVER for a motor mount. Seems like a waste to me.

I have seen motors with hydraulic vibration dampers on them. They look like a tiny shock absorber, but I would not refer to one as a motor mount.

Several motor mounts have a large liquid filled sphere to soak up the shock. Some Hondas had a vacuum diaphram in them that softened the mount at idle and stiffened when accelerating. Other manufacturers may have similar designs. When the oil leaks out they fail.

I looked up OE replacement motor mounts for your car and guess what…They ARE hydraulic!

Go figure. Yes, they would have fluid in them, exactly as Rod has described. They look like solid rubber, but they’re not.

Hydroelastic engine mounts have been in use for more than 20 years. Sometimes they leak a green antifreeze like fluid.

Unless your seeking a perfect idle quality from your Focus I would ignore the leak.