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Motor mount replacement noise problem

I have a 1998 Subaru Forest S and I just replaced my motor mounts. Put everything back together and was gonna start the car and right as I turned the key there’s this loud grind noise. So I haven’t tried to start it because when I crank it it makes that grinding noise any idea what it could be?

Must I ASSUME that you turned the key to the START position and the noise occurred when the engine was cranking? Or did the noise occur immediately at the ON position without ever cranking the engine over? Details, details, details.

If the noise occurred while cranking I’ll take a wild guess, look at the belt and pulleys to see if something is getting rubbed.

Did you need to remove the starter to replace the mounts?

The noise occurred when the engine was cranking didn’t even start the car. I know I put everything back together right

I didn’t remove the starter to replace the motor mounts

OEM or after-market mounts?

After market motor mounts

you might want to do some research on google. Seems there are some after-market mounts for your model car that can cause excessive vibration, possibly causing the noise you are hearing.

No one here can see the car.

How did you lift and support the engine? Did you put the jack under the harmonic balancer?
How high did you lift it?

Raising the engine requires putting a lot of stress on the transmission mount/s and on the bell housing. I can’t imagine anyone getting to the bottom of the problem without getting under the car and having someone crank the engine. It would likely be safer if the ignition were disabled so the engine won’t start while underneath the car.

I jacked it up from the engine oil pan with a wood block. I turned the car on today to figure out where the noise was coming from and there’s screeching noise coming from the transmission. When I push the clutch in the noise gets a little louder and then smoke starts to come out my engine

Is your serpentine belt rubbing on the motor mount you replaced?